A Painful March

I have been so busy trying to keep up with school, I have neglected this poor blog.

After the crisis over employment, I decided to just stick with the same job I have now. As soon as exams are over, I’ll go back to work. My grandfather has a friend who is willing to sell his perfectly functional car for around $500, which is a crazy good deal, and it’s totally legitimate. It wouldn’t be available until around August, which is totally fine. That gives me the whole summer to put away money to pay for it. My parents say they’re going to buy it, and I’ll let them, but I will pay them back in full at some point, even if it’s just before I go off to college. Since I’ll probably be working all throughout senior year, paying for insurance and gas won’t be a problem.

I fell at school and hit my head on Monday. Tripped and landed face first onto the tile floor. Bruised up my arm and hip, and my face is puffy. I think I screwed up my jaw, but at least I don’t have a concussion. Regardless, I may not ride this week like I planned. It would be my first lesson since fracturing my toe. If I don’t ride Saturday, that means I’ll have gone a month without riding. Ugh.

I’m so tired and sore and frustrated. I haven’t been drawing much, but I want to so badly. Taking art has drained me of any and all creative energy, since I use it all up in class. By the time I come home, if I draw or paint anything semi decent, it’s a miracle.

I came home early from school. I just want to feel better.


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