Nerves and blisters

My atrocious foot is now less painful but the blood blister has started to come off. I’ll spare anyone reading the gory details, but it hurts and looks nasty. I’ll have to wear a bandaid to the contest tomorrow.

My mom and I will be going to the state capitol for me to participate in the second round of a state writing contest, run by the state university. I’m so excited, but also very very nervous. I may have to change what I’m wearing completely now that foot has decided to peel. Instead of a charcoal calf length dress with light gray blazer and black flats, I may end up wearing a red and white dress with a brown jacket, simply because the shoes I would wear with that are less tight. If I get stepped on, or my foot starts hurting, or worse, bleeding, my whole day would go south. I know it’s stupid to worry about something so small, but one thing could change my whole day.

But I’m still excited! I’m the only one from my school. Six come from the same county, but the other 65 kids will come from all over the state. We’ll get to meet amazing authors, have our work professionally edited, and I’ll get to see the university campus a bit. I’ve only recently started looking at this school seriously, since I’ve been more interested in the rival state university. We’ll get to see the school library, have a big lunch, and then write based on a prompt we won’t know until we get there. We’ll have 40 minutes, and then that and our original essay will be published! And my mom says she’ll try to take me to the campus bookstore after it’s all over. I’m just scared that not placing will crush my confidence with writing. My honors student mentality has always been, “if you’re not the best, you’re nothing,” which is totally unfair to myself .But if I do place, I’ll win some cash I can put away for college. This would be a good foot in the door for that college as well, regardless if I place.

I’m just mad it’s going to cold.


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