Like a Glove

I decided to apply for another job, since I won’t start at the job I got an interview for for a couple weeks because of my foot. I realized that the problem isn’t that I can’t work, it’s that working drains me of a lot of mental energy, so when I go to do my homework, I’m totally out of it. So, I applied to a retail job at a place that isn’t super busy, and I’m hoping I’ll hear back!

I also looked more at another university in my state. They have an interdisciplinary degree that combines environmental science with humanities, which is super cool. Instead of taking Calculus like with a normal science degree, I’d be taking literature and writing courses. It’s a wonderful university. It’s only 2 hours away, so not as far as another school I’m looking at. It’s in a city with lots of things to do, with a good equestrian team. I think I’ve found a great fit for me. It also happens to be the college running the writing contest, so that puts my foot in the door.

Yesterday, my mom got me a couple dresses, one for the writing contest this coming Friday, and one for the NHS induction. They both fit really well, and I love them. One is a plain gray, about calf length, very mature and simple. The other is an almost brick red, with a white abstract floral design. It’s sleeveless with a collar, light and airy. It can be dressed up and dressed down. We also got two jackets to go with them. A light gray blazer for the gray dress, and a light brown, more rugged jacket for the red. I am in love with the brown jacket. It’s cute, but functional. It’s a nice jacket, but not so nice that you never want to wear it for fear of ruining it. I’ve never found that many clothes I liked in one day. Consignment stores are magical places.

There’s a lot going on this spring, and however scared I may be, I’m going to branch out. And hopefully, I’ll find the right fit.



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