Digging in the Library

I have never felt so pathetic in my life. Hobbling down the halls, my swollen toe supported by an ugly medical boot, I feel utterly helpless. For the first couple days, in defiance of my foot, I took the stairs more than the elevator. I pushed myself past my limits, and this morning, I forgot to take my Ibuprofen. Needless to say, by the time I went to volunteer at the library this afternoon, I felt awful.

The media specialist and technology guru told me I was a trooper. After I shelved a handful of books, they told me they had a job I could do sitting down. I shuffled to the back office and was given a huge cart full of books to scan. It didn’t take long for me to realize why I was scanning them. Upon finding a book entitled American Negro Poetry, it was clear that these books were all much older than me. The mountain of books already scanned were all going to be donated or thrown out, depending on condition. In the stacks of literary reference books and anthologies, I found a gem.

Thin, white paperbacks all entitled Kaleidoscope fell to the floor after I removed the enormous tome supporting them. Underneath the complex mandala on the cover was the name of my school, and the words “Literary Magazine”. Within each issue was a collection of student artwork and writing, all properly printed into a little book. I showed our media specialist, who immediately snatched them up and tucked them away, because holy crap, our school actually did something cool for once! They were over a decade old, but it was proof that my high school had at one time cared about its arts programs. I’m hoping I can convince my English teacher and our current art teacher to restart this project. Neither of them were here while it was in print, but I know we could do it. The little magazines were all printed in black and white, and it wasn’t the most attractive, but it was something.

I want to make this happen. We have so many talented artists and writers at my school who would love to contribute. My school needs something, I mean, we don’t even have a school newspaper. We just have a dinky newsletter sent out each week. Even if the lit mag was only published online, it could still be amazing! I don’t know of any other high school in our area that has one. My school is the most diverse in the county, and this would be a way to show off our diversity.

I am going to make this happen. We need this, I need this to exist. When I graduate, I want to leave the school better than I found it. This is a good place to start.


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