Community Service

I have signed up to be a library assistant at my school! During our school wide study hall, which is 40 minutes, I get to go to the library and help out. Today I shelved and organized books. My dumb toe slowed me down, so I didn’t do as much as I would have liked. But I enjoy organizing and putting things in their proper place. I just really need to learn the dewey decimal system better.

If I go help in the library 3 times a week, by the end of the school year I’ll have around 20 hours. I’m hoping this will encourage me to widen my palette when it comes to books. I think I’ll make it a goal to check out a book every 2 weeks.

This summer I’m going to become a volunteer at the animal shelter. I have lots of experience handling horses and doing barn chores, so I know I’ll be helpful when it comes to cleaning. I love dogs and cats, and I’m not squeamish about dog poop or litter boxes. Since I’ll be working at a part time job, I’ll probably only get to go once a week, and when school starts I might cut that back to every other week. If I go once a week for 4 hours, I’ll have around 40 hours by the end of summer. I’m pretty sure I can write that off, but I’ll have to ask my club adviser. I have to have 40 hours before I graduate, and if I can write off what I do over the summer, I’ll have 63 hours going into senior year (The 3 hours are when I helped at a thanksgiving event at my church).

I feel like my purpose in life is to make the world a better place. I know I won’t make any radical changes by putting away books or shoveling dog poop, but I feel like the small service I do now will prepare me for bigger service later. Whether it’s starting a community garden, or joining the Peace Corps, I want to help people. And animals. And the environment. And myself to more of my mom’s brownies.

I really do love the library staff. Our technology lady is so kind, our media specialist is hilarious (he’s best friends with my favorite teacher, so it’s even better), and the librarian is quiet, but she always remembers your name. The library has floor to ceiling windows along one wall, so it’s bright and airy. I think I’m going to enjoy being there.

Now, it’s off to my boyfriend’s house, where I will probably inhale about half of his birthday cake.


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