As you get older, your priorities are naturally going to shift. You’ll start to spend more time doing homework than playing outside with your friends. You’ll go out with friends instead of staying home with your mom. Your interests will change, hobbies will come and go. Such is life.

I just never thought riding would move down on my list of priorities. For the longest time, it was always at the top, how could that ever change? Now, I have so many other things going on. I need to get my community service hours in, I need to study for my AP exams, and I want to keep developing the little creative skill I have. Riding used to be the only thing truly going for me. Now it feels like too much is going on.

Spring is always hectic, but this is the most hectic spring I’ve ever had. I’m taking the ACT tomorrow, and the SAT is only a couple of months away. And all the while I’m trying to figure out who I am, what I like, and what is most important to me. I was always told junior year is the most stressful. I just wasn’t prepared for headaches, locked jaws, messed up sleep patterns, and ground up teeth.

I can do this. Just a few months to go. This year has been difficult, but things will calm down a bit for senior year. I’ll mostly be taking electives, so my workload will be much lighter.

It’s all going to be ok, even if what used to be most important simply isn’t anymore.



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